China-Oel* (10 ml, 25 ml, 100 ml)
Purely herbal medicinal product without alcohol or other ingredients.

Ingredient: Peppermint oil
Indication: For cramp-like complaints in the bile ducts and the stomach/bowel, by ingestion or inhalation in the event of a cold in the upper respiratory tract, for external application in case of muscle pain (myalgia) and pain in the nerves or similar (neuralgia).


China-Oel Inhaler
Medicinal product

Ingredient: Peppermint oil
Indication: The China Oel inhaler enables you to inhale the China Oel. Inhaling the China Oel allows it to reach the nasal and oral mucosa, and deep inhalation admits it to the respiratory tract where it can exert its therapeutic effects.

The China Oel inhaler on the go: The advantage of the China Oel inhaler is that China Oel can be used at any time in any place, e.g., in the office, at the theater, in the car, or on trips. The inhaler is simple and easy to handle, and can be refilled each time with 2-3 drops China Oel.


China-Oel Headache Roll-on
Medicinal product

Ingredient: Peppermint oil

Headaches and tension can have many causes. But perhaps you don’t always want to reach instantly for the painkillers and would prefer effective alternatives. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), headaches and migraines are believed to be caused by congestions of energy and tension. With acupressure, you can alleviate headaches and migraines and shorten their duration.

The China Headache Roll-on employs a manual method which is based on the fundamentals of acupressure. This involves massaging the acupressure points and cooling the temples, forehead and neck. This alleviates headaches and tension in the physical way.


China-Oel throat lozenges (40 g Z-Click)
without sugar – wonderfully refreshing, allowing you to breath freely

* Please read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist about the risks and side effects.