Contract manufacturing


Our highly qualified and experienced production team is capable of manufacturing various medicinal product types, cosmetics and food supplements – even in smaller series from 100 kg upward – on a contract basis. This is possible because BIO-DIÄT-BERLIN GmbH has a large number of modern production machines including

  • Cream / ointment emulsifiers, fully automatic, heatable
  • Process vacuum stirrer vessel
  • Filter press
  • High-performance drug press up to 400 bar
  • Preparation vessels made of V2A-steel with a volume of 50 – 2000 I
  • Filling, labelling and cartooning systems for pharmaceuticals
  • Filling, sealing and labelling systems for cosmetics
  • Blister pack and packaging machine
  • Rotary capsule filling machines
  • Powder granulate and tea filling systems
  • Tube filling systems
  • Tea mixing systems

This varied machine pool allows us to also manufacture products based on your own recipes or to assume the development work based on your specifications.

What we can do for you

  • Production, filling and labelling of liquid product types for external application;
  • Production, filling and labelling of liquid product types for internal application;
  • Production, filling and labelling of semi-solid product types such as creams, gels or lotions, etc.
  • Blister packs and packaging of capsules and tablets
  • Mixing and packing of teas (not tea bags)

All products are produced and controlled within the scope of a modern quality management system. A control laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art equipment monitors the quality of the products and the individual production steps.


We look forward to hearing from you