BIO-DlÄT-BERLIN has a history and tradition that goes back 60 years.



On 31.01.1949 Hedwig Kühne and her son Hans-Joachim founded the company Chemische Fabrik Kühne GmbH in Stuttgart, that later became BIO-DlÄT-BERLIN GmbH. During the difficult post-war period the company focused on the production of urgently required articles such as soap, shaving cream, Eka preservation drops (a preparation used to preserve fruit which is still manufactured and sold today), various types of herbal sweets and other products.



Between 1951 and 1952 the company moved to Berlin, the city in which it is still based.



The company owner Hans-Joachim Kühne was one of the first to recognise the signs of the times and, from the middle of the 1950’s onwards, he reoriented the product range towards herbal medicinal products and medicines aimed at the well-being and health of the customers. In addition to the production of medicinal wines and tonics, including pepsin wine, rosemary wine, ginseng tonic, etc., of various wheat germ oil products and rubbing alcohols, the launch of the valerian drops, mistletoe drops, whitethorn drops was a first highlight in the company’s history.


Market launch of China-Oel

In 1955 the product China Oel was launched – one of the most popular and high-revenue articles of the company BIO-DlÄT-BERLIN GmbH both nationally and abroad.


Expansion of the product range

Thanks to a creative and flexible approach in the following years, the product range was specifically expanded into a full range of natural self-medication and healthy living products.


Invitation to come to China

“China Oel” became so popular that the company owner Hans-Joachim Kühne received a personal invitation from the Chinese Ambassador and flew to China himself in 1973 – at a time when visits from the “enemy West” were not well received. He returned with the idea for a pain and cold balsam that he successfully launched under the name “China-Balsam” in 1974.


Development of new products

The 1970s were marked by the targeted expansion of the ginseng product series (powder and capsules – 1976), the introduction of the Siberian Ginseng product series (tonic, capsules – 1976, powder) and the Pargo® Devil’s Claw Root series (capsules (1976) and chopped roots) and the Augengut® and garlic capsules (1976) as well as other products.


New company domicile

In 1982 the company moved to a site in Selerweg that, despite several constructional changes and expansions, is still home to BIO-DIÄT-BERLIN GmbH today.


Cosmetics and medicinal products

The 80s and 90s focused on expanding the company’s cosmetic range. Brands such as BEINOL® Massage gels, DIANA® facial care products for complex skin, Tebamol for problematic skin or Opea® for various skin and hair types were developed and launched. Developments also continued in the medicinal product field – the herbal drop range (also sage and yarrow drops) was expanded, the Chiana® capsules – a gastro-resistant capsule for treating irritable bowel syndrome – was launched and many other products, in particular in the food supplement range, such as the black cumin products, artichokes capsules, etc., were established in the health markets.


Award as “Bio-Veteran”

As one of the first entrepreneurs in the post-war period, Hans-Joachim Kühne concentrated on the development, the production and the sales of top-quality freely-available medicinal and health products for self-medication and healthy living. The magazine “Stern” (issue 11.1989) rightly called him a “BIO-veteran”.

1988 – 2000


With its China-Oel and China-Balsam, BIO-DIÄT-BERLIN GmbH was a constant official supplier and co-partner to the German Olympics team between 1988 and 2008.


A great loss

On 18/05/2009, the founder of the company Hans-Joachim Kühne deceased. The management of the long-established company was taken over by his wife Jeanette Kühne and his son Hubertus Kühne.


Combination of tradition with modernity

Extensive technical modernization of the entire production and laboratory department to ensure the highest possible quality standards and to be well prepared for future challenges.


Reshaping the future

As of October 1st, 2017, Reiner Pfeiffer – long-term authorized signatory of the company – and Dr. Hans-Georg Feldmeier are appointed as the new CEOs of BIO-DIÄT-BERLIN GmbH.


Reshaping the future

As of October 1st, 2017, Reiner Pfeiffer – long-term authorized signatory of the company – and Dr. Hans-Georg Feldmeier are appointed as the new CEOs of BIO-DIÄT-BERLIN GmbH.